Do you need an engagement photography session? The simple answer would be “yes” but let me explain. Think about what an engagement really means. It means that you both have decided that this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. An engagement session is more than just pretty pictures. It’s a unique way of showing how in love you are with the other person and announcing it to the world.


Getting to know each other:
An engagement photography session is a great way to break the ice with your wedding photographer as well. It’s very likely that you either met or spoke on the phone or corresponded through e-mail. However, during your engagement session you both get a sense of what type of photos you like. He or she will pick up on whether you prefer more serious, more fun, or a mixture of both. It’s a great way to figure all of that out, so that way on the day of your wedding you can be relaxed and have fun! I like to make my engagement sessions fun. Even if we’re doing serious poses, I want the atmosphere to feel light and open. I love when couples give me suggestions or let me in on inside jokes and we incorporate them into our shoots! Plus it builds your confidence in your photographer. After shooting for so many years, I have heard the phrase “I hate being in pictures” or “I just never like how I look”, or some variation of that. I can guarantee after a few minutes of shooting that feeling goes away. Showing you how great you look allows you to trust your photographer. Trust builds confidence and confidence makes for amazing photos!


Know your best angles:
Another reason why an engagement photo session is a great idea is because your photographer will get to know what your best angles are. I always like to start my photo sessions with “which side do you prefer”. Once I know that, it’s very rare that I will switch sides, as I know you have a preference. This goes for the ladies. Gentlemen, sorry, you get left with whatever she doesn’t want! If you don’t have a preference, your photographer can make the call (random fact: most people’s “better” side is their left side, according to several studies). You also get a chance to see how your hair and make up look on camera. Many make up artists will allow you to have a trial for your engagement session.

DIY Projects!
Not only do you get beautiful photos that you can show off to your friends, but also the photos you get from your engagement session can be used for save-the-dates, invitations, banners, etc. So get creative and have fun!


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