Q & A

What do you include and how much does your wedding service cost?
Services include an online gallery for sharing photos with family and friends, USB-media, printing photos in an exclusive photo-box and photo book. I am happy to participate in the preparation, planning of the timing of the wedding and the order of events throughout the day as well as share personal advice and experiences. The duration of shooting at the wedding celebration varies from 4 hours to a full day, so each event can really be custom tailored to you, which makes it difficult to quote the cost. In order for me to send a detailed price list, please send an email.

How many photos will we receive?
On average, for a 10-hour  wedding celebration, I deliver roughly 1000 processed photographs. Depending on the saturation and duration of the day, photos can be more or less. 

Where are you at? Do you shoot abroad?
I  live in Los Angeles and New York City, however just like anyone, I adore traveling. I love destination weddings, portrait sessions & elopements in the most exotic and unique of places. If you are interested in my photography services for a distant location, depending on the length of travel, my rate most likely won't go up. If you are interested in booking a destination wedding or session or want to see if I will be near you, please send an email. 

Do you do engagement photoshoot sessions as well?
Absolutely. I always offer a free engagement photo shoot for every couple that books with me for their wedding. It's a great way to become friends with your photographer before the big day.  Typically, it will be around 2 hours at any location we choose. Otherwise, if you would just like to have a couples session done, just send an email and we'll set a date. 

Do you work alone or do you bring an assistant?
On every wedding, I'll take a charming second photographer with me to help document the day and capture the moments you might miss while you're somewhere else.

How do I book the date of our event?
In order to book the date, please reach out through the contact form or in any way convenient to you. After confirming the available date, signing the contract and making an advance deposit, the shooting date will be booked.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Contax 645 film camera and a Canon 5D mark4 digital camera. Depending on the shooting conditions, I use the camera that will get the best result. I aim to photograph mostly on film, then when necessary, I switch to digital to capture special moments very quickly as well as capture images in lower light situations. All film images are processed and scanned through the industry's premiere film labs.

What is the turnaround time to receive photos?
For an engagement photo shoot, it's roughly a two week turnaround time if we agree to shoot digitally. If we agree to shoot on film, it's roughly a four week turnaround time. For weddings, I guarantee an 8 week turnaround time, this applies to  both digital and film photography. I deliver materials on a physical flash drive and also through a digital download link. I also offer physical prints for every shoot!

Do you cover elopements or multi-day weddings?
Yes, and have experience shooting both of these types of wedding. I love intimate celebrations but I am equally comfortable shooting large scale weddings taking place over more than one day.

Will you direct us during our portrait shoot?
Absolutely, I have worked for years refining my directorial techniques that allow you to feel confident and natural in front of my camera. I aim to be friends with my clients before our photo shoot so we all feel comfortable in from of the camera. I use unique methods to encourage genuine connection and purpose, creating images that feel authentically beautiful and alive.

What else should I consider when booking you as our photographer?
I love shooting film photography! If you happened to notice, my photographs all have a light, airy, soft, and romantic look to them? That's film, and film loves light. So ideal shooting conditions are in a brighter setting; shady, outdoor, sunset photo shoots are my favorite! With that said, direct mid-day sun is a slightly too harsh, besides  none of us want to be standing outside in the hot sun while wearing a suit or a dress. Those are ideal shooting conditions, however I am fully prepared for indoor shooting conditions as well, ballroom, church, hotel, barn, estate, etc. You'll also see if my portfolio plenty of indoor photographs that take place during the reception with plenty of light and flash!